Standard Finishes

Tahoe offers a wide selection

All of the Tahoe upholstery fabrics are produced with a factory applied protective finish called Imperviseal. This finish repels the soils and stains common to the real-world environment. This protective finish is the new C-0 formulation based, giving optimum protection against spills of every kind, such as water-based stains like wine and coffee. We recommend to cleaning with mild detergent and cold water.

This special cured-in-place finish uses state of the art chemistry to form a barrier of Fluorine atoms around each fiber. This barrier resists wetting by liquid spills and even reduces the attractive forces of dust and dry soil, making dirt easier to remove with a vacuum.

The comfort and value of our luxurious, breathable fabrics are attractive to consumers versus solid surface coverings. With our protective finish and simple cleaning steps, the upholstery is kept looking new longer. When spills do happen, cleanup is made easy, restoring that “like new” look.

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Tahoe LLC announces their new performance finish. Barricade™ is a heavy-duty permanent application that will protect your fabrics from spills and stains. It is environmentally safe and contains no formaldehyde, C-6 or C-8. Barricade is a new formulation C-0 and can also be combined with other finishing applications.

It is a recyclable finish and has a resin base. Barricade™ is easy maintenance for liquids by blotting with a dry cloth and wiping with clean water. For soft and dried spots, easily wipe with water and a clean cloth and lightly brush with soft bristle brush. Mild detergents can be used on stubborn stains such as wine and coffee.​

Barricade™ has many applications such as healthcare, educational, hospitality, residential seating, pews, drapery, panel fabrics and wall covering.

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Tahoe LLC announces an additional option with their new performance finish. Barricade™ Plus is a permanent application that includes an antimicrobial barrier that will protect your fabrics from spills and stains plus with added protection to prevent the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

The silver ion-based agent has inherent antimicrobial protection that helps prevent the growth of bacteria. This protection is long lasting as silver ions are not prone to evaporate or dissolve. This added protection does not contain Tricolsan, Triclocarban, C-6 or C-8. It is formulated with new C-0.

Barricade™ Plus is an antimicrobial agent with a metallic ion structure and is approved for textile use and registered by the US EPA.

Barricade™ Plus can be combined with your existing products. Call today and ask how we can make your fabrics or products safer from bacteria and viruses.

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Other Finishing Capabilities

  • FR Backing / Applied to Polyester fabrics to pass additional FR testing – 701 FR
  • FR Face Finish Applied to Polyester fabrics to pass additional FR testing – 701 FR
  • Ability to Wet Out and Soften goods
  • Crypton Finish
  • All upholstery fabrics get Acrylic Backing
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