Our Environmental Commitment

Tahoe’s commitment to environmental responsibility is reflected by our beautiful, sustainable fabrics and efficient technical processes. The relationship between our manufacturing facility, the community, and nature insure that we leave as little waste as possible for present and future generations. The land at our facility in Spartanburg, SC is eighty percent preserved forests. We strive to protect our environment and wildlife for future generations to enjoy. One hundred percent of our raw materials and loom waste are recyclable, which leaves very little waste in our manufacturing process.

Tahoe is focused on avoiding the depletion of natural resources and creating new ways to be accountable by recycling and reusing our waste. All plastic, aluminum and cardboard in our mill is recycled to be used again. Our fabrics are recycled into Sound Proofing for theatres and Jute Pads for automotive. Our selvage waste is braided into beautiful rugs and our yarn waste is used in casket lining. Our goal is to always find inventive ways to change waste into product.

Tahoe uses only U.S. manufactured polyester, olefin and cotton yarns which result in our “no waste” products. Along with our yarns, our chemicals and latex are all environmentally safe. Our goal is to concentrate more on weave structures which can lessen the need for chemical treatments.

Tahoe is continually striving to integrate environmental mindfulness into our processes and to maintain a minimum carbon footprint while reducing waste.

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